Game Changer Report

The Game Changer Report provides a summary of the most impactful breakthroughs emerging from many of the world's most respected research institutions.


The report features 600 technologies divided into five sector-specific categories:

  -  Biotech / Medical / Healthcare

  -  Physical Sciences / Industrial / Consumer

  -  Information / Communications / Web / IoT

  -  Sustainable Energy / Cleantech

  -  Food and Agriculture


The Game Changer Report is not a passive listing of descriptions, each technology is available for licensing, and every effort has been made to ensure that all URL links to the originating websites are live at the time of publication.


The report avoids any excessive editorial content in favor of providing an efficient tool designed for innovation professionals to identify new partnering or investment opportunities as efficiently as possible.


To receive a free copy of the latest edition, please use the web-contacts form or email:  info'at'