Since 2003 Scinaptek Partners has supported the global innovation community, handling technology and business partnering discussions for a long list of clients. Our expertise spans the full spectrum of markets and includes commercializing many solutions with world changing potential.
Being located in the San Francisco Bay Area provides unparalleled access to the venture capital investment community and senior level strategists at market leading companies, not only in Silicon Valley but throughout the whole of North America and beyond.


We provide a range of consulting services which can be tailored to meet an individual client’s needs. Many client projects involve performing capital raise investment 'Finder’ campaigns for early / growth stage companies. Other projects focus on commercializing new innovations from research driven organization which address significant global challenges.
The term ’Scinaptek’ refers to the essential people and business connections which play such a vital role in turning raw science into real-world applied technologies.

We pride ourselves on providing an efficient bridge for reaching precisely the right people at the right target companies, who are capable of turning promising opportunities into world beating products and services. Scinaptek consultants have brokered a long list of deals with major corporations in the United States, Europe / UK and the Far East.
Our commercial terms are designed to provide clients with a number of cost effective options, and can be adjusted to reflect the scale, duration and complexity of the project. We welcome discussions with interested parties about how Scinaptek can help you establish the essential connections necessary to ensure your future business success